The Findings

The University of Roehampton, located in South-West London, has a highly diverse student body, both in terms of ethnicity and socio-economic background. It also maintains detailed records on both the attainment level and the backgrounds of its student cohort. Our data set is based on rigorous statistical analysis of data for 5,124 students at the University of Roehampton who graduated had within the past five years.

Primarily, we investigated the relationships between the overall degree mark and social, demographic and economic status to uncover factors that associate with variation in attainment observed between ethnic cohorts.

Auxiliary analyses investigated the relationships between marks achieved at specific assessment types (exams, coursework, presentations) and socio-economic and demographic factors. For these analyses, only marks over 40% were included because lower marks also were present in the modules, but were not deemed relevant for this project.

We also investigated the relation between continuation at university (into the second year) and gender, ethnicity, entry qualification type and distance from university during the first year for a data set of 5,326 individuals.

You can access the RAFA2 Data Report (January 2020) here

A response to the Data Report can be accessed here.

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