Outcomes: QMUL

A significant outcome was the collaboration between Roehampton and QMUL student consultants. They participated in a filmmaking workshop and produced short films on some of the key messages that emerged from their activities. Students saw this as an opportunity to create something more permanent and lasting which captured BAME student voices which could be used beyond the life of the project, across all of the institutions.

  • 1

    The RAFA2 project influenced QMUL’s Achieving Inclusion, Teaching and Learning conference 2019. Participant feedback and materials are available here

  • 2

    A short film produced in conjunction with the RAFA2 student consultants ‘We are your students’ was introduced by the QMUL Student Union Vice President for Education at the QMUL Teaching and Learning conference 2019

  • 3

    The QMUL RAFA2 team developed and launched a ‘Student Journey Game’ produced with Building the Anti-Racist Classroom (BARC)

  • 4

    The ‘Student Journey Game’ was run at the Achieving Inclusion conference with academic staff. A proposal for the game’s refinement to be cascaded throughout the university to explore equalities, diversity and inclusion has been developed

  • 5

    QMUL RAFA2 student consultants have presented at the University of Kent, UCL and Roehampton conferences, and participated in the design and development of Student Journey Game and supporting resources


QMUL BAME students share their experiences of university life and what inclusion means to them.