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The RAFA2 etoolkit is a work in progress. The materials presented on this site, particularly in the Resources section. are working documents; real examples of what we did with an explanation as to why we took this approach and what we were, and are, trying to achieve. We also share what didn’t work as well as what did.

It is hoped that students, academics, funders and any other interested parties who access the site, will be able to take away useful and practical ideas which can be adapted as part of finding a solution to the BAME attainment gap in their own institutions.

One of the most important reasons for generating these materials is to make a positive and meaningful impact, at all levels. Talking about race is difficult. Actively changing practice and behaviour is even more difficult, but we believe essential to transform the statistics and to find ways to do and be better as what we are hopefully passionate about – equitable education.